FEBI UIN Sunan Kalijaga Held The 1st International Conference on Islamic Economics and Business (ICIEB)

The 1st International Conference on Islamic Economics and Business (ICIEB) is an international event organized by the Faculty of Islamic Economics and Business, State Islamic University Sunan Kalijaga. This international agenda aims to contribute to the advancement of science in the form of proceedings and publications of scientific journals. This agenda was opened directly by the Rector of UIN Sunan Kalijaga, Prof. Dr. Phil. Al Makin, S.Ag., M.A, at the same time gave a speech, “Great appreciation for the implementation of this agenda which can be used as a means to develop international networks. This 1st ICIEB will provide an ideal conference for dialogue and discussion among practitioners, academics, university students, researchers and policy makers around the world.” he said.

The main issues raised in this agenda are issues related to the halal ecosystem to accelerate global economic recovery. The 1st International Conference on Islamic Economics and Business (ICIEB) will be held online and offline on 3 s.d. August 4, 2022, with the theme Optimizing the Achievement of Halal Ecosystems to Accelerate the Global Economy.

This theme was taken on the basis of the development of the halal ecosystem which is a system in the complex network of Islamic businesses, Islamic Financial Institutions, Government Agencies that focus on the halal industry, and non-governmental organizations. There are at least five sectors in the halal ecosystem, namely goods, services, infrastructure, human resources, and government support. On the other hand, the halal ecosystem in the world continues to experience escalation and promising trends. A number of factors are suspected to contribute positively to the development of the halal ecosystem. For example, regulations for guaranteeing halal products, synergy with Islamic financial institutions, and halal product technology can be the motor of accelerating the New Era of the Halal Ecosystem. In his speech, the Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Economics and Business, Dr. Afdawaiza, S.Ag., M.Ag, stated, "As one of the largest religions in the world, Muslims have the potential and challenges of the halal market, based on statistics, the Muslim population is around 1.91 billion, the demand for halal products and services is certainly large. This means that this demographic advantage can be a real opportunity for the industry as a whole.”