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For Contributors

Guideline for Contributors:

  1. Please send a word file to or
  2. Manuscripts submitted should neither have been published nor under consideration by another publication elsewhere.
  3. Article should be between 7.000 and 12.000 word in length.
  4. All manuscripts shall be subject to an editorial pre-screening process to assess suitability for the journal and pass through a blind review process.
  5. Both theoretical and applied manuscripts will be considered for publication. Theoretical manuscripts must provide a clear link to important and interesting applications.
  6. Subject to the pre-screening, manuscripts shall be processed in a anonymous manner, using independent expert referees from the respective field.
  7. The contents of the papers will be the sole responsibility of the authors and publication shall not imply the concurrence of editors and publishers.

The Manuscript

Manuscripts must be typed with a 1.5 spaced, on one side of A4 paper only, with a 4cm left-hand margin. The text should be in Times New Roman font size 12. The text and references should be checked for errors before submission. AlI style, syntax and spelling is the responsibility of the author.

Title Page

The first page of the typescript must contain: the full title, name and affiliation of authors; a running title of not more than 75 letters; an abstract of not more than 400 words, 1 spaced ; and the name, full postal address and email of the corresponding author.


Harvard Style is used.When quoted in the text style is: ...Smith (2005)... or (Jones and Smith, 2004) or ...Brown et al. (2004a). Citations in the body of manuscript should confirm the following examples:

  1. One citation resource with one author (Smith, 2009).
  2. One citation resource with two authors (Jones and Smith, 2004).
  3. One citation resource with more than one author (Brown et al., 2005).
  4. Two citation resources with different authors (Dunk, 1990; Mia, 1988).
  5. Two citation resources with one author (Smith, 2005, 2009).
  6. Two citation resources with one author published in the same year (Smith et al.,2008a, 2008b).
  7. Citation resource from an institution should be stated using the acronym of the institution (FASB, 1994)

References are listed alphabetically after the text. Journal and book titles should be written out in full, examples are:

Guidolin, M. and Timmermann, A., 2005. Economic Implications of Bull and Bear Regimes in UK Stock and Bond Returns, The Economic Journal, 115, 111-143.

Phelps-Brown, H., 1981. Labour Market Policy, in Changing Perceptions of Economic Policy(Ed.) F. Cairncross, Methuen, London, pp. 68-113.

Mundell R. A., 1968. International Economics. Macmillan: New York

Rodrik, D., 1997. TFPG Controversies, Institutions and Economic Performance in East Asia. National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper, No. 5914.


06 Nov 2014

Undangan 2AICIF

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05 Nov 2014


PENGUMUMAN    Assalaamu’alaikum Wr Wb Diumumkan kepada Mahasiswa Jurusan Perbankan Syariah yang  namanya tercantum di bawah ini untuk menemui Ketua Prodi Perbankan Syariah  pada :…

10 Oct 2014


Jadwal Pengajar Praktikum Matematika Ekonomi dan Bisnis 

06 Oct 2014


Bersama ini kami umumkan nama-nama pengajar Praktikum Matematika Ekonomi dan Bisnis  yang diterima. 1. Jeihan Ali Azhar 2. Ahmad Syarif 3. Ratih Purbowisanti 4. Eko Haryono 5. Ahmad Syaiful Affa…

22 Jun 2013

Workshop & Call For Papers Global Review of Islamic Economics and Business

Workshop & Call For Papers Global Review of Islamic Economics and Business

08 Apr 2013


midterms held from 8 April - 19 April 2013