The 4th Asean International Conference on Islamic Finance (AICIF), Melaka 6-8 Desember 2016



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Indonesia Islamic University Converence (IIUC)

Islamic Banking

The bachelor of Islamic Economics (in shariah banking) programme aims, in line with the vision and mission of UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta, “integration and interconnection,” to integrate scientific knowledge and develop banking skill with the Islamic value to produce ethical professionals in the fast growing of Islamic banking in Indonesia. In addition, Bachelors of Islamic Economics (in shariah banking) is expected to produce Muslim economists who can take significant role for the development of Islamic banking, Islamic financial industries, public sectors, and also academics. Thus, they can contribute to the ummah  in achieving the maqosid shariah. The objectives of Bachelor of Islamic Economics (in shariah banking) are as follows;

  • to produce Muslim professionals in shariah banking who are able to understand and implement Islamic value and ethics;
  • to produce graduates who has good capability in Islamic banking skill, finance and shariah banking accounting which will be integrated and interconnected with Islamic value;
  • to develop the analytical and critical skill, solving problems ability in the area of shariah banking;
  • to ensure that all the graduates have good skill in communication, English and Arabic to support the development of Islamic banking in the world.


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